Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Foreigner.

'I feel something fishy in here. Its not just a feeling, I can smell that, something fishy in here.' Thought the old man, entering the room. He was the owner of this room, actually many rooms that are similar to this and packed together in the form of a lodge!. He earn from lending them to people. Two days back this room was taken by a foreigner. A six feet tall handsome guy with a peculiar accent.

         He left early in the morning after paying the bill and giving a warm hug to the old man. 'May be that was their style. What a gentle man. He never left his room for the two days he stayed and never made a trouble or complaint. ' Old man told himself, that time.

                                Now he was here to clean the room and keep everything back in position. Everyday Irene, the young lady did these things for a payment proportional to the rooms she attended that day. The old man paid her noting down the room numbers. He added that to the bill. Today she didn't show up. Last day she left without taking the payment. Infact she didn't show up for that. Poor thing, thought the old man. He suspected her for not finding him at the reception. He had an emergency call from his home at about 8pm. Jenny the old lady slipped in bathroom. On reaching home in 5minutes he send his grandson for completing the day's work at lodge and asked him to ensure that the guard was in place. 'What a poor timing. I feel pity for Irene. The slender thing didn't wait much' mumbled the old man.

                                He went inside and started cleaning. What he found beneath the bed left him puzzled. A heap of cushion!. Alarmed he pulled the cotton sheet covering the bed.
Now he had an answer for many questions,
He fainted...

This story is in response to the picture prompt offered by Willow at Magpie Tales. This is my first time in this... Hope you will find it interesting and thanks for stopping by:)


  1. oh boy! Great story! More please!

  2. WOW, I thought that was where you were going, and you didn't disappoint!!!

  3. Oh my. A body smelling like a fish. Pickled herring? Or perhaps a mysterious red herring as the mystery begins?

  4. Hm. I was sure she'd run away with the stranger. Nice write!

  5. Thank you,,, kathew, Helen, RA, Gabriela, Tumblewords and Eric for stopping by and reading my Magpie.
    @Tattered and Lost- They are just 2 possibilities. The most positive ones:).
    @C Hummel Kornell- Yes, poor girl and the old man too!.

  6. Nice, creepy story. I was hoping she ran off with the foreigner like Tumblewords said. I like how you summed up the ending in so little words. Thanks for checking out my first Magpie this week.

  7. Fishy smells... always getting stuffed in the mattress...

  8. Wow!! That was one chilling Magpie!!
    A suspenseful and a very well written story! I love mysteries...and this one fit the bill perfectly!!!
    Lovely imagery.. whooaaa!!!