New task

My sister got this essay competition at inter school level. She is not just among the top students in her class, but is the only top student. So she is expected to submit this essay on 'water difficulties' in an international perspective. As the teacher advised her to get the help from some elder one, and as she is having a difficult study schedule to follow, the only jobless creature in this whole world before her(I ME MYSELF!) is expected to do that.
Hell, I have to get some ideas and inflate them to achieve this minimum 10 page criteria put before me. I hate the word 'essay' for this very reason. I was always scared to find this word purposefully put on in the last few questions in question papers. It implies that they are going to value the weight and thickness of your answer sheet.
Anyway, let me try it out ...

What now?

Yesterday I slept at 2.20 am. Tried to get some sleep by 1 am. That turned out to be pathetic failure. Then surfed the Internet for occultism!.

No, I'm not trying to tell how disorganized I am. The fact is, life is going without much purpose.This is the second month of vacation and it is suffocating me!. To kill the time in a way I won't regret later, I am going to read some books for the next 30 days!. Hope to get the number of books to an impressive level.
To keep on the track,
let me put the review each day,
in this place I found today...