A Star Trap(1908), by Bram Stoker
This is one short story which i didn't like much. It is the story about a murder done by a theatrical carpenter. Its 'stated' as done using some star shaped steel piece which prevented the equipment from working. The person who jumped into the equpment as part of the show was killed. Reason for the murder is his relationship with the carpenters wife. Story is told from the view point of this carpenters assistant who knew about the murder. This story raises some suspense but not much worth the effort.






A Study In Scarlet(1887), by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The first story to feature Sherlock Holmes. A detective thriller story.It begins with the introduction of Dr.Watson, from whose view point the whole story is told. Watson then meets Holmes, our person of interest. I found it interesting that Holmes is shown as a person with great talent but easily flattered!. First half of the book goes with the investigation of a murder and how the murderer is caught by holmes.
The other half tells the reason behind this crime. It is itself a new story which actually justifies the crime.






I came across this book as the favourite of many, in orkut. So I read this one.

The Alchemist(1988),by Paulo Coelho

When i started reading, it left me with the thought that this is going to be a love story. As the story progressed i thought the idea is religious (Many incidents from bible were given). The remaining part was a bit slow moving as the 'search for destiny' idea was elaborated. I began wondering why this book is hailed as a modern classic.
                I kept reading. When finished i knew why so many people liked this book. The climax is brilliant. Its the story of a shepherd boy who takes the journey to fulfill his destiny(find the treasure). How he struggles to reach the target is what the story is about.







IACOCCA, An Autobiography(1984), by Lee Iacocca and William Novak

                                  This book clearly shows how a real leader should be, by telling the story of one!. It gives a look into the family and corporate life of LEE IACOCCA. A great inspiring book that thrills you with the guts of this person. Decisions taken by him and the risky business life at chrysler are entertaining and informative.
                                    At one place he mention Henry Ford II as a 'bastard' and swears that he will not be forgiven for putting IACOCCA's family at hard feelings by 'firing' IACOCCA from Ford Motor Company. The same IACOCCA later proposes a merger of chrysler with Ford company to make American auto market competitive. How he saves chrysler from bankruptcy is told in the second half of the book.
                                   His family life is shown as a success. How he finds time for family and children even with a big responsibility at work, is impressive.
This book left with me a feeling of respect for IACOCCA for his vision and commitments.
After reading the book i googled and came over his website

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